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Instagram Feature FAQ

How to get Featured on our Instagram page  @qkkidsfashion

Every item purchased will get its own feature subject to separate posts  

To be featured you will have to :

  • create a photos wearing the purchased item from QK Kids Fashion 
  • use the best 3 photos 
  • the photo hast to be:
    • the item has to be seen and not covered up
    • the picture has to be sharp (no blurry, no excessive filters, no text or emotes 
    • a nice background (clear background or nature)
    • please put focus on the ambassador and the item 
    • unedited, uncropped no bezel or frames
  • create a post with the pictures tagging us directly in the post and most importantly in the photo under (tag people)
  • tag @qkkidsfashion (official). 
  • verify that you did everything correctly by pressing HERE if you don't see your post here then you failed to tag us in the photo,
  • only submission which are visible on our Tag Grid will be added to the list of features  
  • you will be featured in the order we have received your submission 
  • if your post and picture doesn't reflect the above guidelines we wont be able to feature you on our page